Photographer Zsolt Birtalan lives in Hungary. He attained his mastership examination in 1987, since then he works as a photographer. He spent his professional practice as a photographic attendant at one of the most prestigious daily newspapers in Hungary, where he also worked as a photo journalist after completing his training.

Later on he became a fashion- and commercial photog-rapher and was editing pictures for famous international magazines. He always had an other side to himself, a deeper more artistic side, not only the applied photographer/documenter, therefore he has wished to work on a parallel ouvre, where he can express his social and artistic sensitivity. A puritan and clear outlook on life and the visaulization of reason in the defence of logic are important components in his ars poetica.

It is not a coincidence that the subjects of his black and white streetphotography are buildings from severe and clear-out eras – so that pathos, nostalgy, sentimentalism and romaticism can be eradicated from the pictures – composing the photos firmly, but at the same time keeping their sensitivity.

He creates in a puritan way, using few tools and definitive gestures.

This artistic habit marks all his photographs.


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